New AMD 7700 Graphics Cards Make Awesome Graphics Affordable

AMD's got two new 28nm video cards today, the AMD Radeon HD 7770 GHz Edition and the 7750. Compared to top-tier cards, they're pretty darn affordable, but not without a few concessions.

The 7770 is the first 1GHz graphics card, according to AMD. And compared to some other budget-busters, it's pretty affordable at $US159. But for all the clockspeed, it came in middle-of-the-pack compared to still-more-expensive cards in AnandTech's benchmarks.

Meanwhile, the $US109 800MHz 7750 isn't clocked quite as fast, but it also doesn't need its own power connector, and can run gaming-level performance at the very-low 75W power consumption. That's very, very efficient. The 7700 line will be followed by some beefier cards, probably pretty soon, but it's a nice surprise that the budget-friendly cards of this generation are here sooner rather than later. [MaximumPC, AnandTech]

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