NBN Co Launches Its Own Blog, Is Also An Onion

We write plenty about the NBN, but what's the NBN's official blogging voice? It turns out it's relatively friendly for a government entity. Also, the NBN is totally an onion. Depending on your political leanings, that could mean it's an ogre, I suppose, but the meaning that the official NBN Blog is trying to convey is of complexity. The lead article on the NBN's newly launched blog at http://nbnco.com.au/blog/ uses the onion metaphor to describe the workings of the NBN's transit network.

While the blog only officially launched yesterday, there's already a wealth of content on the sub-site, including shots of NBN installations and a day-in-the-life photoblog of an NBN installer.

So why does the NBN need a blog, anyway? I asked the official blogger, Dan Warne, about it. He said that

"The two key aims of the blog are to keep people frequently updated on rollout progress. There's a weekly construction report showing suburb-by-suburb activity, for a start. And to cross pollinate ideas about the best ways to use broadband. Of course, as a geek-from-birth I also understand the importance of showing the hardware and installations up-close and answering technical questions!"

(Editor's note: I've worked with the official NBN blogger, Dan Warne, on and off over many years; make of that what you will)

[NBN Co Blog]

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