Music Bloodline: New Music Discovery For Nerds

We're always interested in (and looking for new) music discovery tools here at Giz: from the Aussie-developed Discovr app to So here's a new website you may want to check out: Music Bloodline. It catalogues artists according to who influenced who. It's still very basic. But neat.

Pretend that you're listening the same artist over and over because nothing else comes to mind. Head to Music Bloodline and look them up. There you'll find a bio, discography, and top tracks. After clicking around on the site a little bit, you'll find loads of artists you'd never heard before — or at least artists you haven't listened to in a while. Stone Roses FTW.

The one bummer: The tool only includes Spotify links to listen to tracks and albums with a click. Great news for the incredibly small number of people who use their overseas Spotify account here in Australia. (Yeah, we wish Spotify, Pandora, Slacker and the rest would finally arrive here, too!)

Music Bloodline would feel much more seamless and awesome if it were built directly into streaming music services that are available in Oz like Rdio, Rara or Samsung Music Hub, but it's still pretty interesting. [Music Bloodline via The Next Web]

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