Magic Mouse's Evil Twin Yearns For Gentle Touch

We didn't exactly walk away impressed with Logitech's unorthodox Cube mouse, but the company's just-announced M600 features a more traditional form factor, bearing a striking resemblance to Apple's Magic Mouse as it also sheds buttons for a touch-friendly surface.

Instead of wheels or a bevy of assignable buttons, fingertip gestures are used to scroll, flip through photos and navigate the web. And with Logitech's optional Flow Scroll software, using the mouse on a PC is promised to feel exactly like using the touch screen on your smartphone, with fluid scrolling for longer documents. And it's even reprogrammable for left-handed or right-handed users.

Available sometime in February for $US70, the M600 also includes a tiny unifying USB receiver, which basically means you can connect up to six different wireless Logitech devices to your computer, while only needing a single free USB port. And because one of the biggest complaints about wireless mice is their weight, the M600 will happily operate on just a single AA battery for three months of use, or the standard two AAs if you want to double its battery life to six months. [Logitech]

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