LG's Optimus Vu Comes Into View

We've known it was coming soon, and now LG's taken the wraps off the Optimus Vu, a Gingerbread 5 inch phone — I refuse to use that 'phablet' word — due for release in March. Don't get too excited just yet; that March release date is only confirmed so far for South Korean telcos at this stage, although I wouldn't be too surprised to start seeing imports of it relatively soon after, presuming that its LTE can slide down to 3G. Official specifications include a 1.5GHz Dual-Core Processor, 5 Inch 1024×768 IPS Display, LTE, 32GB storage, 8MP Camera and Android 2.3. Gingerbread's a bit annoying, given Android's track record with speedy upgrades, although LG is apparently due to Ice Cream Sandwich-ify it within three months of launch. [NetbookNews]


    looks horrible. so do her teeth. I'm so used to some cute asian girl showing these off, y u change LG? :(

      This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

      Teeth?.. WTF!

    Yawn why do these companies spend millions developing a product that nobody buys or cares about. Especially if its running gingerbread at launch and ICS will have been out for 4-6 months. What's with that seriously.

    5". Very clever to be simultaneously too big and too small.

      It'd be good for media and gaming, not much else beyond that that I can think of.

      having a phone with a 3.5" = always too small
      having a tablet with a 7-10" = always too big

      ergo one device that can do both = improvement (at least you save money).

      I want a 5" phone, after using a 3.7" for a year I hate typing on the fiddly little keyboard (I don't do videos or gaming, just social), 5" is about the biggest I reckon you can fit in a pocket. I also have a 10" tablet and its just too cumbersome.

      Also, as DrWierdo says, 4:3 is lame.

        Come to think of it, and I have a visually impaired friends who's struggling with a tiny iphone 4s screen, wonder if he'd get a kick out of it. Shame the ratio also.

    The aspect ratio just does not look comfortable to hold on a phone that size. The Galaxy Note pushes limits but is still comfortable to hold, whereas this, just looks horrible.... and that LG skin.... sooo horrible!!!

    4:3?? - bad move LG. I use a Galaxy Note and 16:9(ish) is better for Gingerbread (and ICS) screen layout.

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