LEGO Avengers Assemble!

Is there anything you can't improve by making it out of LEGO? More importantly, why isn't there one of these LEGO Hulks on my desk right now? The great tidal wave of Avengers merchandise should be hitting store shelves any day now. We already knew that there would be plenty of Marvel LEGO this year, and Marvel's just put up the images of the first Avengers sets. Sure, there's a little bit of Lego oddity there — Captain America looks like bubbles might come out of his head with that stud there — but still, these have jumped to the top of my birthday wish list. You know... just in case anybody's listening...

[Marvel via BleedingCool]


    The best bit of this particular licencing deal, if only because from here the sets look kinda mediocre (admittedly the DC ones weren't much better), has to be the endless amusement they can derive from the newfound punny spin on the film's slogan.

    Who wouldn't want a Lego Iron Man, even if he does have a HUGE head.

    WOW i have to have this.... i mean my SON will want to have this :)...

    ok I'm now looking forward to the Lego computer game spinoff of these :)

    Iron Man's visor slides up so you can see his face. My only complaints are Why aren't Hulk's pants purple, and Why doesn't Hawkeye have a mask?!

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