Is Watching TV Over The Airwaves Making A Comeback?

Is Watching TV Over The Airwaves Making A Comeback?

Between pay TV, Boxee and online streaming videos, there’s never been more ways to watch your favourite TV shows. So why are so many people turning to old-fashioned bunny ears to watch TV? Because it’s good, it’s cheap, and it’s live.

The Wall Street Journal reports on the rise of people turning to TV antennas as their main cord-cutting option:

TV-antenna seller Richard Schneider of St Louis says sales at his company are soaring. Mr Schneider’s Antennas Direct sold 70,000 antennas in January, and he expects to double last year’s sales of about 600,000. That was up from 400,000 antennas in 2010.

That people want to cut the cable is understandable: pay TV is expensive, the service is terrible, and streaming content services provide you with more than enough to watch. Rabbit ears are a perfect complement to streaming; they’re inexpensive, and they let you watch a good amount of “event’ programming live. Want to watch the Oscars live in HD? You can either pay skyrocketing cable fees, or buy a cheap TV antenna and watch it all for free. I’ll go with the latter, thank you very much. [WSJ]

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