Is Microsoft Killing Zune And Windows Live Apps In Windows 8?

Microsoft Zune and Windows Live apps may not be included in the upcoming preview of Windows 8 — at least not the way we're used to seeing them. Though the brands and apps will be gone, their functionality will be included in other parts of the OS.

The Verge says the face of all of Microsoft's multimedia apps will lose the labels and take Microsoft branding across platforms, if they take any branding at all.

Windows Live applications have been rolled into preinstalled apps that work as the core "Windows Communications" applications for Windows 8, and this lack of Windows Live branding is only the tip of the iceberg. "Microsoft Account" will replace Windows Live ID in Windows 8, and the software giant has also removed traces of Zune from its Windows Store, Music, and Video applications, although Zune Pass functionality remains.

Windows 8 is very-much a multi-platform OS so it makes a lot of sense that the applications would take more universal branding. The Zune Player as a hardware device was killed last year. And we'd heard rumours that the Zune Pass would be replaced with an Xbox Live Music Service. [The Verge]



    It makes some sense but what they should do is replace WMP with the Zune software. They'd need to add a little bit of functionality but Zune is an order of magnitude better overall. WMP in Win7 is severely broken.

      Zune is the worst. I don't know how they managed to stuff something up so badly.

        In what way? It is easily the simplest, most intuitive piece of software I've ever used. Every aspect of it is well thought-out and it looks amazing into the bargain. For what it is, it is as close to perfect as anything is ever likely to be.

        I'm also curious about how Zune is the "worst".

        There are some things it's missing that WMP and Winamp have (such as DLNA services and broad device compatibility) not to mention it completely lacks a podcast browser (annoying. FInding podcast URLs is one of the only things I use iTunes for these days) - but its speed, looks and feel is pure class and quality.

          Speed? How big is your collection. My music collection is over 180Gb and Zune is slow to browse, search, add new tracks, manage. If I didn't have a WinMo7Pho I would scrap it.

          Add to that the lack of video support and it is a real failure.

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