Inside GoPro’s Outdoor Camera Genius

What's not to love about a GoPro camera? Absolutely nothing. At least that's what you'd think after watching CBS This Morning's report on GoPro and its founder, Nick Woodman. Woodman has done pretty well with the wearable camera, selling about 800,000 cameras in 2011. And frankly, some of the footage GoPros have captured is every bit as gushworthy is the report would imply.

By the way, did you know that the GoPro was used to film parts of George Lucas' Red Tails? Nor did I, and while there were reports of DSLRs being used on set, I couldn't verify any scenes being shot with one. Sure, the tiny cam's 1080p footage looks nice embedded in a web page, but I can't see it holding up on the big screen. [CBS This Morning]


    can we see more of the first clip? :)

    it actually holds up ok on the big screen, not as good as the 5D.

    Contour HD GPS is better PLUS it shoots time lapse from 1 frame a min to 3 frames a sec! Add 60 fps too...sweeet.

      I hate to burst your bubble but GoPro's do time lapses at 1 second all the way up to 1 minute. why would you want to do 3 mins? Plus they also to 60fps

    GoPro does time lapse too - with 11mp photos instead of the pathetic 5mp ones the contour takes. I mean really - 5mp in 2012?! Any mobile phone with a camera can do better than that these days.
    We sell both of these cameras where I work, and the GoPro is by far the better product.

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