I Have Never Seen Anything Like These Tornadoes On The Surface Of The Sun

I've seen many sun flares, but I've never seen anything like this video showing several dark plasma tornadoes on the surface of the sun, captured by the Solar Dynamics Observatory. It's simply mesmerising and bloody amazing.

An active region rotating into view provides a bright backdrop to the gyrating streams of plasma. The particles are being pulled this way and that by competing magnetic forces. They are tracking along strands of magnetic field lines.

Each frame of the video was captured every four minutes for 30 hours, starting on February 7. According to NASA, this kind of video would have never been possible without SDO up in space, which has now been working for two years now.

I want my desktop image to be an endless slow motion loop of this. [NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory]

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    Solar Torrnado, a SyFy original Movie. You know it's going to happen!

      You mean Solar Twister, featuring Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton?

        Please tell me you only watched that crap once! :)

          *taps fingers nervously while reading this post*

    Has this sound been added on to the video as an aftereffect? How the hell do they record sound so far away if it isn't?

    Someone please enlighten me :)

      Radiation and magnetism can all be interpreted as sound just as easily as it is with light. But yeah, it's just an effect here.

      Plus. .. Sound doesn't travel in space.

    Watching that, does it remind anyone else of Pitch Black?

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