Got A 3D TV? Sony Will Loan You 3D Cameras, Games And Movies – Free

I’m still not sold on 3D, but I’ve almost been hooked when I’ve filmed 3D home movies and watched them on a 3D TV while reviewing products. That personal connection may just be the tipping point for some people to invest in 3D cameras, and Sony’s happy to oblige. The Aussie program is a first and a pretty interesting idea.

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Sony Centre stores will soon lend out gear for three days, whether you own a Bravia TV or not. All you’ll need to do is slap down a credit card as a guarantee.

The loan program will launch in 12 national Sony Centres from 8 February and will provide a range of Sony 3D products, set to expand over time, which currently includes:

- 3D Handycam HDR-TD10 camcorder - Alpha NEX C3 camera - 3D Bloggie camera - 3D Sony Pictures films - 3D PlayStation games

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