Exetel Re-Enters The High-Quota NBN Race

Last week, Exetel re-jigged its NBN plans, and in doing so, removed the top tier of download quotas. This week, it's seemingly reversed that position, adding a 100Mbps 300GB plan for $70 a month. Exetel's business has long been predicated on serving the majority of low to middle usage customers — the late CEO John Linton was famously dismissive of heavy users — and so last week's move to offer plans that were more heavily tailored to the low-data market was no particular surprise.

The new plan — formally it's NBN100-300 if you like code names — is seriously competitive stuff in the higher download space, however; at $70 a month for 300GB it's cheaper than comparable plans from Optus, Internode or iiNet. [Exetel via Delimiter]

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