New Android Apps: Games, Chrome And More

Sometimes I want to quit my job and become a photographer. Or a soccer manager. Or a gamer. Or maybe even just a Chrome user. These apps will help me when I decided to make the plunge.

Chrome: Chrome for Android features a host of improvements over the old Android browser, but the biggest highlight has got to be automatic tab and bookmark syncing between your desktop and phone. So you've got a few tabs open at home, and have to run out the door? Not a problem, you've got those same tabs open on your phone with a quick tap. It's also just a much slicker UI. It borrows a lot of the swiping gestures that are deeply integrated in Ice Cream Sandwich for easier and more intuitive navigation. Tab-management looks awesome, and early indications seem like it's more than fast enough Free

Aviary Photo Editor: A photo editing plugin (not an app, not an app) that spruces up your pictures with some snazzy tools. You access it through the other stock photo apps on Android (gallery, etc.) and then edit your pics with new filters, enhancements, crops, orientation and a lot more. It's a nice little tool to have in the bag when you want to add more "character" to your pictures. Free

Gameloft Live: Kind of like iOS' Gamecenter or Xbox Live achievements, Gameloft Live tracks all the achievements you unlock on Gameloft games (and there's a bunch), all the friends you have that play Gameloft games (there's more than you think) and keeps you in the loop with all things going on with Gameloft (maybe the most prolific Android game making company?). If you game and dig staying social with those you game with, Gameloft Live is a nice addition. Free

Pocket League Story: Kotaku says, "Pocket League Story is like Football Manager stripped to the basics and doused in cuteness until its soaked to the bone. Taking charge of a fictional football side, which you can name, your goal as manager is to rise through the ranks, going from crummy little regional tournaments right through to winning the World Cup." $4.80

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