Criminal Network Wanted To Use These $US1b Bills To Acquire Plutonium

This one billion dollar bill was found inside an old trunk in Switzerland. The trunk, marked Federal Reserve System, Chicago, Motherbox, Treaty of Versailles, had a total of six trillion dollars inside. That's one third of the US national debt!

Except the six trillion dollars are actually fake US Treasure Bonds and the owners are criminals — part of an international network that was trying to use these bonds to secure large legal money loans. According to anonymous police sources cited by the Italian press, the ultimate goal of the organisation was to buy plutonium.

The men were eight Italians who have been arrested by the Carabinieri under charges of international fraud, counterfeiting bonds, credit card forgery and loan-sharking. The operation started as an investigation into mafia loan-sharking. Once the bonds were aprehended, US experts certified that the bonds are fake.

The Treaty of Versailles marked the end of World War I. Among other clauses, it obliged Germany to provide with 442 billion in 2012 dollars as payback for starting the war. The forgers used this as a backstory to try to pass these fake bonds as real.

Someone has been watching too much History Channel. [Reuters]



    Well if that is a photo of one of them. Then I would say they are fake. Who in the right mind would start a SN number for something of that value at G11111111 J

      Completely agree, it would have been G1111!11ONE11J

        No SeanC it would be G1111LOL11J

    Mr Burns laughs at your puny 1 Billion dollar bill.

    ahh good old Woodrow Wilson "Welcome to Dumpville. Population You"

    No more false than the real bills given the illusion of value.

      that is gold

        No they got rid of the condition of gold being available for the value of all the currency long ago.

    were they hoping to get a discount paying with cash? i've never noticed a plutonium aisle at bing lee.

    Go to Gaol. Go Directly to Gaol, Do not pass go. Do not collect 1 Billion Dollars.

    Funny how they need experts to verify authenticity.. the US is like *cough* err no those aren't real.... saves 6 trillion dollars. Cue US president: MUUHAAAHahahahaa!!!

    A Robert Anton Wilson-esque roller-coaster ride of an explanation here:

    tl;dr: The bonds were given in exchange to a wealthy and secretive group in china to keep them save from japanese invasion during wwII; but the fed reneged.

    Loads of pictures of similar items.

    I'll let you make up your mind ;)

      You all should have a read of this! .. *mind blown*

    The bonds are real, just need to buy some time until the next debt "ceiling" hike to pay them out!?!

    Hey, they're mine!
    They fell from my pocket when I pulled my phone out to answer a call.

    Need to get a better scan of that - I'd like to use the Wilson etching as my TF2 avatar.

    Plutonium?! Just wait 3 years and we will have Mr Fusion.

    Pretty hard to get change for that sucker
    *Walks up to Newsagent, picks up chewing gum, asks staff if the can break a 'billion'.
    Cashier says, sorry mate, already got a till full of those.

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