Criminal Network Wanted To Use These $US1b Bills To Acquire Plutonium

Criminal Network Wanted To Use These $US1b Bills To Acquire Plutonium

This one billion dollar bill was found inside an old trunk in Switzerland. The trunk, marked Federal Reserve System, Chicago, Motherbox, Treaty of Versailles, had a total of six trillion dollars inside. That’s one third of the US national debt!

Except the six trillion dollars are actually fake US Treasure Bonds and the owners are criminals — part of an international network that was trying to use these bonds to secure large legal money loans. According to anonymous police sources cited by the Italian press, the ultimate goal of the organisation was to buy plutonium.

The men were eight Italians who have been arrested by the Carabinieri under charges of international fraud, counterfeiting bonds, credit card forgery and loan-sharking. The operation started as an investigation into mafia loan-sharking. Once the bonds were aprehended, US experts certified that the bonds are fake.

The Treaty of Versailles marked the end of World War I. Among other clauses, it obliged Germany to provide with 442 billion in 2012 dollars as payback for starting the war. The forgers used this as a backstory to try to pass these fake bonds as real.

Someone has been watching too much History Channel. [Reuters]