Could An Alternate Akira Movie Actually Get Made?

Warner Bros holds the film rights to Akira, but the official project is on hold — and has been for some time. Could an alternate version of Akira from a French director actually get off the ground? Akira strikes me as one of those projects that's unlikely to be as visually striking as the original manga and anime were in live action, but I live in hope that Hollywood won't totally screw it up. That's if it ever gets off the ground; there's been so many false starts with an Akira movie that it's one of those things I fully expect to see shelved at least a dozen more times before going directly to whatever the equivalent of DVD is that we're enjoying in 2032.

That aside, this clip from French director Fabien Dubois is intended as a teaser, right up to the quoted release date. It's a quite plain, and that jacket is just plain wrong, but something tells me the lawyers will get busy on this one well before 2013 anyway. [Twitchfilm via Topless Robot]

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