Chronicle Is Probably The Best Movie You'll See All Year

When I saw the trailer for Chronicle, I was immediately disappointed. A Blair Witch style movie about a bunch of high school kids pulling off dumb pranks with just their minds? No thanks. But then I went to the media screening and was totally blown away. It's not what you probably think it is. This is a science-fiction movie that you don't want to miss.

The found-footage style thriller is directed by 26-year-old Josh Trank and filmed in both Canada and South Africa. The film had a relatively small budget of $15 million, with some of the money being poured into a viral marketing campaign that involved flying people. Small-time TV actors Dane DeHaan, Alex Russell (who is Australian) and Michael B. Jordan form a surprisingly memorable cast as a bunch of kids who gain superpowers and try to resist the dark side.

Chronicle is out in cinemas today. If you're still not convinced, our sister site PopSugar Australia has a video interview with Josh Trank and Alex Russell. [IMDB]

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