Buzz Contacts For iPhone: A Faster And Smarter Contacts App

Buzz Contacts For iPhone: A Faster And Smarter Contacts App

I was always confused at why Apple bothered making a contacts ‘app’ since it was nothing more than a shortcut for what was already inside the contacts tab in phone app. There was no imagination to it! Buzz Contacts is a contacts app that’s actually useful: it’s faster, better and looks reaaaally good.

What does it do?

Buzz Contacts puts the traditional iOS contacts system on its head, making it infinitely more useful and faster. Its focus is getting you to contacting your contacts as fast and elegantly as possible, through whichever medium you decide to use: phone, SMS, email or FaceTime. The app lets you choose how to interact with your contacts, the traditional list view and the much mo’ better “grid view”, which gives you big honking tiles to quickly select who and how you want to contact. Tap, tap, tap and you’re already typing or calling away.

Why do we like it?

There’s a smarter use of groups too (or at least, a bigger emphasis on them) as it’s so much easier to access than the backwards Apple way. Buzz Contacts uses a Facebook-style left side slide screen that reveals all your groups, once you click on a group, you can organise shortcuts to how you see fit. Call your mum but text your friend? It’s all shown right there. No more dipping through screens or scrolling through contacts and then waiting to get to what you want. Once you get to know it, Buzz Contacts will become the hub of how you communicate on your iPhone.

Buzz Contacts

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