BigPond Users: Migrate Email Or Lose It

Telstra's decided that trying to handle the ever-increasing storage and email demands of its BigPond customers isn't the way to go and will instead be shifting the burden onto Windows Live and Hotmail. The transition will take place starting from April, but it isn't entirely automated. Users will be required to intervene, otherwise they "risk losing family photos and important information."

Telstra's executive director of media J-B Rousselot, speaking to the Herald Sun, said an email containing all relevant details will be sent out to users once the process begins. The data transfer will be handled via a "migration wizard". All up, it shouldn't take longer than "a few minutes", according the the Herald.

I couldn't find any direct comment from Telstra in the article stating that data from users who fail to migrate would be deleted, but if it's looking to get people to move their information elsewhere, it's a good bet the IT guys won't just leave it hanging around.

[Herald Sun]

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