Artist Growth: Become A Real Musician And Make Some Damn Money

Artist Growth: Become A Real Musician And Make Some Damn Money

Selling out! The biggest fear of any musician. And maybe it sucks for purists and for people who don’t like money or something but for the rest of us? Getting paid to do what you love to do is the dream. Artist Growth is an app that helps real musicians organise themselves. Like a responsible manager without the inevitable breakup.

What does it do?

Artist Growth is an app service that handles the business side of being a music artist. So, you know, you can handle the music side of being a music artist. The idea is solid: you can manage and organise your band’s finances, gigs, contacts, inventory and more all in one app. Even better, Artist Growth offers a database of over 30,000 industry contacts, to do lists from ‘industry experts’ and tips from more people in the industry. The ‘to do lists’ are actually useful, if you have a show coming up, the app will give you step by step instructions on what you should be doing to get the word out (with push notifications!)

Why do we like it?

The idea is to keep you organised. Rather than having different pieces of paper with information scribbled everywhere, Artist Growth will help an up and coming band or music artist smarten up themselves and be more professional. It’s all in one place. Also, being stone cold in tracking your music career and seeing how much money you’re actually earning let’s you see how much of a reality your fantasy can be. The app isn’t meant for everybody, of course, most casual band’s wont need the full suite of features that Artist Growth’s $US5/month plan offers and most professional bands would need something more but for that middle ground of musicians looking to get serious, Artist Growth is a great option without having to hire someone else to manage you.

Artist Growth

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