Apple's New Australian Case Against Samsung Has 278 Claims

In October last year, Apple wrangled an injunction against Samsung from the Federal Court to prevent it from selling its Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia. A month later, Samsung had the injunction overturned and the company's been flogging its tablet ever since. Apple, as we know, is not one to back down when it comes to legal matters and has retorted fiercely, augmenting its case with 278 claims across 22 patents — a massive increase over the three patents in the original.

The news comes to us via The Australian (registration required), though the significance of the case has seen it covered overseas by other outlets.

The article in The Australian states that Samsung wasn't prepared to handle the huge increase in claims — some of which reference products yet to be released here — with the company's lead barrister, Neil Young, offering mid-May as the earliest date it could mount a defence.

Of course, Samsung is pushing its own agenda to curtail iPhone 4S sales, with the consumer electronics giant claiming the device steps on the toes of its 3G-related patents.

The law hasn't exactly been on Apple's side of late, with the most recent pain coming from Motorola after it managed to stop Apple from selling a number of iOS devices in Germany.

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