Apple's Giving Foxconn Workers A Raise

When was the last time you got a 25 per cent raise out of nowhere? Probably not recently! Then again, you probably haven't been labouring for half a day at a time in a Chinese iPad factory under allegedly god-awful work conditions.

Reuters reports that Foxconn workers are getting a pay bump to "1800 yuan per month and could be further raised above 2200 yuan if the worker passed a technical examination," adding that "pay three years ago was 900 yuan a month." So that's a pretty nice raise, right? Even if it was granted only after months of continued scrutiny, criticism and general outrage from around the world.

Except 1800 yuan is about $US285, meaning around $US10 a day, or less than a dollar per hour. For reference, a six-piece Chicken McNugget costs $US1.20 in China. Good for Foxconn (!/?). [Reuters via VentureBeat]


    its hard to find obese chinese people, maybe america and the western world could take a page here and lower the income of the average man, then obesity wouldnt be a problem! hmm, but then we might have a big population increase like china... wait... that means more unemployment and lower wages... wait... hmm

    ever feel like this world is outgrowing itself at a rapid pace?

    Yay now they get $1.25 a week, wohoo

      Actually if you read the article it says they should now get roughly $10USD per day, making it $50USD per week. Not great I know, but still better than what they were getting before. And at least now they have the chance of still increasing their income by a further approx. 40% by passing the technical examination.

    sooo... in what way is *Apple* giving these people a raise? People who don't work for them? And who also make products for competitors? I'm lost here.

    How about giving your retail staff a raise Apple?

    Last I heard, you were still paying skilled computer technicians minimum wage.

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