Apple Seeks To Sue Bankrupt Kodak

Is it even possible to beneficially sue a company that by definition hasn't really got any money? Apple seems to think so — it's seeking to sue Kodak for patent infringement. Bloomberg reports on the case, which sees Apple taking an uncharacteristically cautious move towards legal proceedings; while Apple's filing notes that there's nothing legally stopping it filing an infringement notice against a company in the throes of of bankruptcy, it's seeking court permission while it does so; the report quotes Apple's filing as stating that

'Apple requests express authority from this court before it initiates the actions out of an abundance of caution'

The case hinges around digital camera patents; Apple alleges that it developed a digital camera in the early 1990s that it shared with Kodak and that Kodak subsequently sought to patent the technology behind it. [Bloomberg via Macrumors]

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