Amazon's Latest Hire Could Mean More Kindle Apps

A platform is useless without dedicated developers. Brandon Watson, former head of the Windows Phone Developer Experience, knows this better than anyone. Knowledge he will surely carry over to his new gig as director of Amazon's Kindle Cross Platform team.

Watson took to Twitter yesterday afternoon to confirm his career change and while this is no small loss for Microsoft, it could mean great things to come for the Kindle-verse. Especially when you consider the "cross platform" aspect of his title. Could this mean we'll see third party apps on the Kindle Touch? If so, we might finally get an answer to the most pressing question of our time: will Angry Birds still be boring in black and white? [Brandon Watson, All About Microsoft via The Verge]


    Maybe the "cross platform" part of his title refers to versions of the Kindle app for various platforms?

    Yeah I'd say "cross platform" means bringing Kindle (or supporting Kindle) to/on multiple platforms rather than bringing conent from other platforms to Kindle hardware. Of course it's there already, but Amazon needs to keep talent on hand to ensure it stays ahead of the competition.

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