Will The Next Xbox Use Blu-ray, Block Used Games?

Following claims that the next Xbox could be six times more powerful than the 360, Kotaku now reports that its sources suggest it may also have smaller controllers, introduce the Kinect 2, and use Blu-ray discs (for 25-50GB games versus 9GB DVDs). All of that sounds great, but we’re alarmed by speculation that Microsoft intends to incorporate some sort of anti-used game system. Full details at [Kotaku Australia]


    "Microsoft intends to incorporate some sort of anti-used game system"

    noooooooo bingooooo.

    If that's the case, I think it would be a good idea to boycott the damned thing! You should be able to play Xbox games on a frigging Xbox, surely!

    it took 36 hours for the xkey team to crack their 'super no piracy protection'. i wouldnt be sweating just yet.

    Some game developers already do this by making you pay a fee to be able to play it multiplayer on-line. The new game comes with a single use code to unlock the feature, second hand versions would mean a DLC purchase to unlock on-line play. I expect a similar thing for used games, which would annoy people more. If it's true, it'll push people away, I certainly will me.

      That doesn't block access to the game but, just services the user may utilise. Blocking the game outright is a whole different bag of chips.

    Wow... it must hurt Microsoft to use blu-ray, iirc they were the ones invested in HD-DVD going back into the days of yore when blu-ray and HD-DVD were battling out for supremacy.

    But the thing i dont agree on is with them making it so it cant play used games, (cue sad violin music) when i was growing up my family couldnt afford to buy new games and 90% of the games we did own were second hand, my point is that some people cant afford to buy every game brand new.

      I doubt it hurts much at all TBH...I always had the feeling they didn't really care and their half hearted support for HD-DVD was is they flipped a coin and backed one because they felt they had to.

      Sure, they had the drive add-on but that was the extent of their support. They probably could have won the format war for HD-DVD or given them a huge leg up by integrating the drives into the console, even if it meant a separate version. Their money and their cards are on online distribution, they were then and they are now. I doubt theres much pride to be lost that one format won over another.

        It will only hurt their pride (they said Blu-ray was not needed a long time ago) and a little in the pocket as they'll have to pay Sony/Samsung or whoever gets the royalties for Blu-ray.

        Not an issue though.

        +1 The support for HD-DVD was only ever half hearted. If they had gone "all-in" by including it in a version of the xbox then maybe bluray would have been the one that faded seeing Toshiba was holding everyone else off basically on their own.

    Surely there are some legal reasons as to why they could not block second hand games. I mean, if I buy a game I own some sort of license to play it don't I. If I then lend it to my little bro, how can they legally stop him from playing it? Or what if I am a parent with two kids with separate Live accounts. Am I supposed to buy to two copies? Give me a break. This is anti piracy gone crazy.

    Gizmodo you should investigate this.

      How's it any different to a PC game? Plenty of them are only good for the bin second hand after the CD-Key has been registered.

    Given that places like GAME, EB and JB here as well as places like Gamestop in the US have a big tunover of used games I can't see it going to well with the retailers.

    Not saying I agree with stoping use of second hand games, however, in theory it could drastically reduce the price of new games. If on average 50% of games are passed on, thats halving the profit the game producers make. If rather than increasing there own profit they reduce game costs it could be a win for the consumer. The retailers make the money either way (probably slightly more selling pre played) but it could mean better prices for us.

    Blu-ray, Kinect 2, 6 times more powerful...if only it had games.

    If they want to keep it so dev's can develop easy on it, then it'll continue to stay easy to hack.

    I've never bought used games so that doesn't bother me but what I think is a major concern is if they apprach it like EA and Battlefield 3 where you need to relicense it for each user. I have 3 xbox's at home, 1 in the lounge, 1 is my sons in his bedroom and another in the gamesroom. We also use a family pack of accts for xbox live so we don't have to recover gamertags all the time. We just have one permanently signed into the appropriate box.

    I would hate to think that we would not be able to share a game around among family members. Sometimes we do purchase more than one copy of a game like the Halo series but usually one is enough as we don't use too many others at the same time.

    I can tell you right now that I won't be buying another EA title due to their policy.

      Hyey Red (or anyone else),

      Are you able to have an account included into the Family package signed into a different Xbox? We have two Xboxs and I thought the accounts all had to be on the same Xbox? Cause that would save me some money each year if you could. Thanks

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