Who Wants A Video Lytro Cam?

The Lytro cam is probably my favourite piece of tech that has come out in the last couple of years. You never have to worry about a photo being in focus. Well according to The Verge, who interviewed Lytro's Director of Photograpy Eric Cheng, a video-capable Lytro cam is totally possible.

Cheng said there are hundreds of possible applications for the light field capture technology that the Lytro uses. When directly asked about the possibility of video, Cheng has the following to say:

Yes. Absolutely. Because light field capture is still single frame, and the entire light field is captured in a single shutter open and close like in a traditional system. sBecause it's all frame based, there's no reason why we can't build a light field based video camera. Things that would potentially be bottlenecks would be processor speed and things like this.

That sounds exciting. I want this like tomorrow. Lytro please make this happen. [The Verge]

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