What Happened With The NBN This Week?

Troublesome towers, titillating telehealth and tiresome Telstra - it's another week in NBN news.

• Yep, country residents still aren't happy about wireless NBN towers. But while individuals don't want the 40 metre towers in their backyards, local businesses are chomping at the bit to get the 12Mbps services. Seems to me as if somebody is going to have to reach a compromised solution. [SMH]

• The government has announced $20.6 million in funds to help promote telehealth in NBN-enabled regions, in order to show how the network can help improve aged care, palliative care and cancer care. The benefits of such are system are self evident - let's just hope the government gets the logistics right. [Australian Ageing Agenda]

• New Greenfields estates are getting fibre the the home built in that's technically not the NBN (yet). But that hasn't stopped ISPs like Internode from shifting their pricing structure for these estates to be in line with their NBN plans. [ITNews]

• Speaking of Internode, it turns out their Freedom of Information request about NBNCo's deal with Telstra has been shut down. Looks like the government doesn't want Joe Public knowing too much about the back room deals it made with Telstra. [ZDNet]



    A grant to promote telehealth? Ah-ha! So that's why I've had to work with that nasty e-health logo over the past few weeks... I thought there was something up.

    why am I not surprised Internode's FoI request has been shut down????

    If cam is a Liberal voter would he care to expand on why he's all of a sudden concerned about FOI requests getting the cold shoulder?????

      All I can say is I loved the sound of the ‘transparent’ government and how they were going to turn things around and be open book… nothing is further from the truth… They have turned out to be one hell of a government in my opinion.

        Hey, Jonathon, have you heard of the word 'rationale'?

        Lol, what do they teach you at those private schools dood because whatever Mummykins and Daddykins paid it didnt' help!! If you want to be an extremist why don't you trip on about free-markets for awhile because we all know you can't point to a single one in the whole world!

        Hey, ...guess what: we all know the silver spooners love the NBN and are in pain when Daddykins makes them promise that they actually hate it rooly and trooly!!

        Hey, Johnno... ya reckon China is going to stop buying one day? (-->>GO THE SUPERIOR COLLECTIVE BUSINESS ACUMEN OF THE SILVER SPOONER BRIGADE!... jUST SO LOL)

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted

    could gizmodo please do a story on the SOUTH BRISBANE exchange, i'm currently with optus, now being forced to change providers to upgrade to fibre.
    don't know why more places aren't doing stories on this...

      We are building China and have internet gridlock 3km from an exchange! Our country is a laughing stock and we continue to pretend we are the clever country! ALL OF A SUDDEN ABBOTT WANTS TO PRIORITISE ROADS: CONSISTENCY WITH THE WORD 'NO' WILL BE HIS DOWNFALL!!

    Interesting to note country residents are unhappy about the wireless towers everywhere. Perhaps someone should forward this article to Tony Abbott, he of the national fully wireless NBN strategy in lieu of what he (with not a skerrick of IT knowledge) considers is a much too expensive fibre NBN. We will not see the sun anymore for the wireless towers if he gets into power and scraps the current NBN. He also does not realise most of the fibre will still have to be rolled out anyway, as a backbone to connect the towers!!!!

    Hey "TuffGuy", perhaps you should re-read the coalition policy, learn how to write a cohesive sentence and open the other eye before you go spruiking labour fear tactics. ^^These kind of comments are getting boring from both sides. Labour decided they wanted to spend stupid amounts of money on a technology that, for all we know will be obsolete in 20 years, and the Coalition wanted to lay the fibre in all the metropolitan areas across the country (connecting something like 98% of the population on to the same program the government has), and use towers where the population density was roughly the same as your brain cell density (i.e. very low), thereby significantly reducing the cost of the program. It’s called a cost-benefit analysis, look it up.

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