What Happened With The NBN This Week?

What Happened With The NBN This Week?

Troublesome towers, titillating telehealth and tiresome Telstra – it’s another week in NBN news.

• Yep, country residents still aren’t happy about wireless NBN towers. But while individuals don’t want the 40 metre towers in their backyards, local businesses are chomping at the bit to get the 12Mbps services. Seems to me as if somebody is going to have to reach a compromised solution. [SMH]

• The government has announced $20.6 million in funds to help promote telehealth in NBN-enabled regions, in order to show how the network can help improve aged care, palliative care and cancer care. The benefits of such are system are self evident – let’s just hope the government gets the logistics right. [Australian Ageing Agenda]

• New Greenfields estates are getting fibre the the home built in that’s technically not the NBN (yet). But that hasn’t stopped ISPs like Internode from shifting their pricing structure for these estates to be in line with their NBN plans. [ITNews]

• Speaking of Internode, it turns out their Freedom of Information request about NBNCo’s deal with Telstra has been shut down. Looks like the government doesn’t want Joe Public knowing too much about the back room deals it made with Telstra. [ZDNet]