Watch These Fake Flying People Freak Out NYC

This is the best prank you can pull on an entire city. The marketing team behind the movie Chronicle tried its hand at viral marketing by flying three human-shaped RC planes around New York City to make it look like real people were magically flying. From the ground, it really looked like you were watching a superhero do its flyin' thang. Video!

I WANT TO BELIEVE. I'm also glad I didn't see this in real life because I probably would've freaked out. [New York Observer]


    a lot cooler than i expected

    Love the old bloke taking a photo with his iPad... someone should release a proper camera with a tablet sized screen, cause I know my Mum and Dad think the iPad is the best photo taking device EVER! (quite possibly cause they can see what is being taken without having to squint at the "tiny" screen.

    I can think of a stunt that could get people in trouble using these... but im not going to tell

    I'm amazed that they didn't get into trouble flying these over the bridges, two reasons, New Yorkers they be crazy, and someone driving a car would be like "WOAH! WTF?" *crash*.

    Still, awesome though. Oh and I was going to see the movie anyway without "viral" stunts like this.

    It would have looked really great if they could have moved their arms forward as if in a dive. And if there had been voices coming from them as if giving commands for a turn, would have been hysterical. Great idea, amazing for the people to see.

    I'm surprised the New Yorkers didn't think they were under attack by flying terrorists!!!

    I've made a couple of these things myself.
    It's just basic RC plane technology.
    Build a cardboard cut out that can support the servos, receiver etc. with the necessary control surfaces. There are plans on the web for these things.

    Lots of fun down the local park.
    Especially with the one I had that I made to look like superman.

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