Watch The Unbelievable Trailer Of Nitro Circus The Movie (AKA The People Crazier Than Jackass)

If you're a fan of the silly hijinks of Jackass, you have to watch this upcoming Nitro Circus movie. Nitro Circus is the super crazy extreme group headlined by motocross legend Travis Pastrana and his friends that pull stunts that Knoxville and gang wouldn't even dare of doing.

It's a more athletic Jackass! More insane insane people! Crazier cray crays! The stunts lean more extreme and life threatening (as opposed to grossout and life threatening) and I love watching them do their thing. I don't know if I would want to live like them but they sure know how to enjoy the hell out of life.

Oh yeah, the movie is in THREEEEE DEEEEE too. [YouTube]

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