Victorinox's Flash Drive Makes Losing 1TB Easy

You might think they only make knives, but Victorinox also makes some of the best flash drives on the market (in this reporter's opinion). They're well-built, extremely fast and in a few days might be available in 1TB capacities.

Yeah, you read that right. One terabyte! In addition to more storage than you'll ever really need hanging on your keychain, the USB 2.0/eSATA II drives will include 256-bit AES hardware/software encryption and what appears to be a built-in monochrome LCD display. Presumably providing details on the drive contents and available capacity.

Of course what would a product from Victorinox be without some added functionality? So it looks like the drive will come in a version packing a knife and scissors, and one free of bladed tools so you don't have 1TB of data confiscated by airport security. Availability should be unveiled once CES officially opens in a few days, including what will probably be a very hefty price tag. [Engadget]

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