Titanic Cufflinks Cash In On Death Of Thousands

Many people have profited from the Titanic tragedy, but movies and touring exhibitions don't seem anywhere near as tacky as Romain Jerome's efforts. In addition to watches and pens, it's now releasing cufflinks made from metal recovered from the wreckage.

The company's new Titanic-DNA wrist adornments are made from "stabilised oxidised steel" salvaged from the ship's final resting place, but also sourced from the Harland & Wolff shipyard in Belfast where the Titanic was built. The whole shipyard thing kind of makes it feel like RJ is cheating, but I imagine the amount of metal they have from the actual ship is minuscule.

A tiny replica of one of the ship's three propellers also adorns each cufflink, which feature a stainless steel or black PVD finish. Each set will sell for around $US520 when they're available (soonish) and will be limited to just 888 pieces. You know, to commemorate the-um-number eight, I guess? [Romain Jerome via Born Rich]

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