This Sculpture Is The Most Beautiful Piece Of Recycling You've Ever Seen

This beautifully crafted sculpture of a dog isn't special just because of the talent involved in creating it. It's also the finest example of recycling you've ever seen: it's made using old skateboards.

The sculpture, by Japanese artist Haroshi, is made using old, abandoned and neglected skateboards. By sandwiching together the old boards and patiently shaving them away, he creates these fine, polished forms. Haroshi apparently became infatuated with skateboarding in his early teens and is still a passionate skater today.

This dog sculpture is perhaps the best, as you can see the raw materials at the rear. It, along with other new pieces, was on display over the weekend in Los Angeles, but you can see more over on Daily du Jour or Haroshi's Facebook page. [Haroshi via Daily du Jour]

Image: Daily du Jour

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