This Is Objectively The Saddest Booth At CES

Of all the crushingly depressing booths sprinkled throughout CES, we've successfully identified the saddest. By far. Congratulations, IMP-EXP Executive! You make me want to cry.

Who is this goateed man? Is he the executive? If so, who are those other two chairs for? What's he looking at? What's he reaching for in his pocket? Why has no one fixed the draping?


    clearly his products were so awesome, they have all be taken by extremist CES fans... or apple spies...

    is the IMP-EXP actually a android set to replace the already heartless business executives of the world?

    I reckon he is checking what time the buffet at the Bellagio opens for dinner.

      You bastard.

      Poor guy's going to sizzler and you know it.

    Hmmm... and executive magazine that can't advertise itself for sh*t... not promising.

    Damn dust.

    They're a Chinese based trade magazine, see

    These guys are waaayyyy ahead of the curve. Here EVERYTHING is in the cloud except for the operator. Next step.. TRON!

    The biggest piece of technology in that photo is the folding mechanism for the table legs.

      Bahahahahahah Got in trouble at work for laughing so loud at this comment!

    Nah it must be for transparent, wireless TV's so thin you can't see them with the naked eye

    My guess is they have made a breakthrough in invisibility cloaks, and he is actually surrounded by 30 booth babes.

      You were sooooo close, but in actual fact he is checking his watch because he knows that at exactly 1pm, those 4 chairs will unfold and transform into said booth babes and he doesn't want to miss the girl on girl action of the 2 stacked on top of each other.

        Well god dammit and call me Sprinkles if this man ain't right.

    It's the Illuminati. Mark my words.

    By being such a sad booth, they have actually now gained quite a lot of attention.

    This guys is actually the security, there's a high stakes poker game going on behind those curtains.

    Anonymous...... keeping up appearances

    New age marketing: less is more!

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