This Fish Has Teeth So Big It Bites People's Balls Off

Piranhas might have razor sharp teeth andthe ability to communicate but I'd rather have them feast on my body than this Pacu Fish. Why? Well, you see, the Pacu Fish has human-like teeth and loves to bite off testicles to ensure you die a slow, ball-less and bleed-full death. Ow.

According to The Telegraph, the Pacu Fish is known as the 'Ball Cutter' in Papua New Guinea where locals have reported two deaths due to the impossibly scary Pacu Fish testicle bite. I kid you not. As improbable as it sounds, the Pacu Fish goes to town on the balls of fishermen and swimmers when they're in the water. I guess they enjoy the tender delicacy? I DON'T KNOW. Imagine that thing gnawing at you. EESH.

The difference between the pacu fish and piranhas (other than teeth sharpness) is that pacus don't have the underbite that piranhas do, which give their set of pearly whites a more human-like appearance. Just look at that thing, it's the teeth of an enraged Lorena Bobbitt in fish form. Oh! The Pacu can grow up to 60 pounds big too which pretty much means I'm never going to New Guinea or dipping my toe in any water where Pacu call home. [Telegraph UK via Neatorama, Image Credit: Yapaboon, SWNS]


    C'Mon! That has to be 'shopped!

      Wow, looks like he brushes and flosses every day!

      definitely 'shopped...

      saw this one in River Monsters. Its real. Its danger is overhyped though.

    apparently not,

    I think the bottom pic is trolling. The top pic is meant to be the pacu fish and the bottom looks nothing like it lol

    I think you'll find that they are not attracted to balls specifically, but urine in the water. If you pee in the waters of papua new guinea you're in for more than just a scolding.

    Lot's of australia aquariums have these as well.

    I don't know what to believe anymore. The pictures make me confused

    this was on abc not long ago in a River monsters episode found clip on youtube

      watched the vid, but he plays on the whole urban legend rubbish. "a vegetarian turned man-eater, an outsized piranha with a taste for human flesh". i bet they rush to splashed if they primarily eat nuts that would fall from trees. just trying to hype up ratings....

    i wonder what bait you would use to catch this pacu fish?... i am thinking.... balls... lots of em...

    "The red-bellied pacu's diet consists mainly of insects, fruits and nuts"

    Is that how the fish got Human like teeth?
    Somehow absorbing the genetic informaiton in the sac?
    Just becuase we hear about two reported dose not mean there havent been a string of events over many many years.

    Imagine the look on those poor pricks faces as this fish is half way through biting off their balls.

    Whilst not accurate, it would make a funny commercial for contraception lol

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