This Cheap Focus Rig Will Vastly Improve Your Boring Home Videos

Want to add a little drama the next time your baby does something YouTube-worthy? Coupled with any video-capable DSLR, this cheap follow focus can help you create Spielberg-like camera moves without a Dreamworks-sized budget.

What's a follow focus? It's basically a tool that makes focus adjustments smoother and more precise while recording video. When shooting stills, jerking around a lens' focus ring to quickly get the shot is just fine. But when you're capturing video, you want the transition between focal points to be as smooth as the glass in the lens. And that's exactly the results you'll get from the lever and pulley system used here.

Now I usually avoid Kickstarter projects that aren't already well on their way to their funding goal, but what's unique about this device is that its creator, Wiley Davis, is already producing them in his garage. He just needs a little extra cash to ramp up production and bring the price down to $US50, which is an absolute steal.

Pledges start at $US60, which gets you a follow focus assembly with a belt and pulley designed for standard SLR lenses. But if you need something a little more pro, $US75 gets you the hardware to accommodate larger lenses too. [Kickstarter]

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