This BlackBerry Booth Makes Me Sad

I'm at Pepcom's Digital Experience and while I was running the floor looking for exciting products to share with you — yeah, you — I noticed the saddest booth around.

I know everyone has been giving RIM shit for its recent troubles. OK, necessary clarification: We've been giving RIM a lot of shit for their recent difficulties. But remember, they were the company that brought email to your pocket. They owned the business market for years. I worked for companies that wouldn't even think about giving you email access on your phone if you didn't own a BlackBerry.

Now I'm staring at a booth with three PlayBooks. The devices that's currently dragging the company down. Why BlackBerry? Whyyyy? Throw some phones in there. Hire a contortionist! Or an acrobat or a pony or anything. Or, maybe follow a modified version of everyone's mum's best advice: If you don't have anything nice to show, don't come to the giant press swarm where jerks like me will relentlessly mock you. Or option C: Make something awesome again. We know you can do it.

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