The Only Gardening Tool A Ronin Needs

Gardening has never piqued my curiosity, until I discovered it's an excuse to run around with tools that look like katana swords. All I need is a nunchuk trowel on my belt and I'm all set.

Now I'll admit that going after weeds and trimming your greenery with this Cold Steel Katana Machete is a little overkill. But I'd rather fool around with this thing in my backyard — with ambulances and hospitals in close proximity — than deep in the jungles of the Amazon where my shenanigans would probably get me killed.

Unfortunately the grown-up in me looks at the 48cm carbon steel blade and only sees the potential of accidentally losing a finger, or worse. While the kid in me only sees the 42cm handle which you can wield with two hands like the leader of the Ninja Turtles. Sadly, the grown-up always wins out, so instead of dropping $40 on this Katana Machete, I'll probably just buy $US40 worth of band-aids and Panadol. Just in case. [Cold Steel via The Awesomer]

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