Mesmerising Motion-Tracked Sketch Art Drum Solo

I love a good drum solo: it's chance for an often-overlooked musician to throw themselves into the limelight. But combine it with motion-tracking software to create a living art work, and a solo becomes truly mesmerizing.

Polish artist Odaibe created Portrait of the Ghost Drummer to explore the graphic qualities involved in playing on a drum kit. "Besides being a musician, [a] drummer when playing is unconsciously engaged in an elaborate choreography," explains Odaibe. "The drum sticks are the extensions of drummer's hands like a brush is an extension of the painter's hand." Quite.

So, Odaibe used motion capture technology to record the movement of the drum sticks, and then created this video based on their changing 3-D cooridnates. The result is pretty sweet. [Odaibe via The Verge]

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