Telstra Teases, Promises HTC 4G Phone ‘Soon’

Telstra Teases, Promises HTC 4G Phone ‘Soon’

Back in September, Telstra told us that its first 4G handset would arrive early in 2012. Well, it’s early 2012, so where’s our 4G phone? According to Telstra’s Gerd Schenkel, it’s coming ‘soon’.

Delimiter spotted the update on Telstra’s crowd support website, where Schenkel confirms that the first handset will be an HTC device. He doesn’t specify which one, but we pretty much already knew it was going to be a modified version of the HTC Raider 4G anyway.

We’ll release the first 4G handset soon. It’ll be a HTC product. You can register your interest here and we’ll let you know when a date is set. Here’s some info on our 4G network as well Gerd Schenkel Executive Director, Telstra Digital ———————————————————————

Given Telstra’s headstart with its LTE network, expect this to be the first of many LTE handsets released this year.

[Telstra via Delimiter]