Screw 3D, The Future Of TV Is Holographic


    I haven't seen TCL's offerings from CES, but let's be honest - IT'S TCL!

    For a small company like TCL to be the first showing off prototype, holographic television... That's pretty impressive.

    If it was Sony or Samsung, I would be less impressed because you EXPECT them to be the first to show off this sort of technology...

    But TCL? That's impressive!

    Even this is inferior, try a large holographic tv that takes up a whole room, you step into and can be in the film.

    Obviously though it will need to have films specially made with many cameras to catch all the angles, but hey, I'm already there.

    Reminds me of that episode in the Simpons where Homer gets stuck in a 3D world..........mmmmmmmmm....3D.....*drools*

    if that picture at the top of the article is it. it isnt new technology at all.

    seen that stuff at museums 5-10 years ago.

    Holographics technology is a pretty cool challenge, but just like 3D i don't think it can actually out perform the current two dimensional HD format because it is not as functional. What it will again happen (given the technology is realised) is that this will just be used in conjunction with HD format, not as a dominant.

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