Scratch 'N' Sniff Jeans Means You Never Have To Wash Them

These jeans look like any other pair of denim you'd see on a fashionable twentysomething. Dark, slim fit and cut perfectly, heck, I wouldn't mind buying these myself. But unlike other jeans, this pair is made with scratch 'n' sniff raspberry scented denim. Yes. Scratch and sniff. On your freaking jeans! This is awesome.

Made by Naked & Famous Denim, one of the craziest jeans company in the world, the scratch 'n' sniff effect is created by using a coating of micro capsules that hold a bit of 'perfume' which is baked into the surface of the jeans. Scratch it and the scent is released. What's even crazier is that Naked and Famous say the raspberry scent even works after washes (they've washed it five times and it's still smelling fresh).

I'm just excited about the possibility of never having to wash my jeans ever again. When it starts to smell, I'll just scratch like mad and release the scent of a five-year-old fat kid. YES. My younger self would be so happy with me. [Naked and Famous]


    Still won't overpower the fart odor. That crap sticks.
    I'll keep washing.

      Not to mention sweat secretions, and heavily contaminated germs that would arise at the lower body, these pants could probably cause a plague, Ebola anyone?

    " I’m just excited about the possibility of never having to wash my jeans ever again. "
    Note to the public. NEVER share a ride with Casey. ... PEEE--EW!

    What "flavours" have they got?!? Looking forward to the 'sweaty-balls' scent! ...oh hang on ...

    Vanilla or Coconut would be nice.. but raspberry.. blech.. I'd smell like I spilt a raspberry flavoured slurpee all over myself.

    i haven't washed my jeans in 2 years... problem? hahah

    ITT: people who have no idea about raw denim.

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