Robot Report: 25 New Consumer Robots From CES

Robot Report: 25 New Consumer Robots From CES

Consumer robotics represented a small part of CES but had the same combination of glitz, glamour, marvellous stuff, misrepresentation, uninspiring products and hidden gems, just like the rest of the show. Let’s take a closer look at the latest in home robots designed for fun, education, cleaning, flying and more.

This is a guest post by Frank Robe of The Robot

One of the most interesting areas was focused on Digital Health – where one could easily see benefits from sensors and smart apps providing data for the cloud to process and selectively inform doctors or users of the results, and progress over time. The highlight of the area was Life Technologies $US150,000 Ion Proton Genetic Sequencer, which, by the end of the year, will be able to sequence an entire human genome for about $US1000 in a few hours. Digital Health was also the only area where research was shown and where the NSF/Carnegie Mellon University Quality of Life Technology booth was located, an area packed with healthcare inventions and eager young inventors. Few fell under the robotics umbrella (most were digital apps and devices) except these three:

1. Romibo, a do-it-yourself robot for therapy, education and play (pictured, right).
2. PerMMA, a personal mobility and manipulation appliance for power wheelchair users.
3. Myomo, rehabilitation robotics and interactive gaming systems for stroke victim rehab.

Tosy RoboticsmRobo




iRobot InTouch Health

Look-alikes below: (from left to right): Techko Maid, Agait, Ecovacs, xRobot, iclebo and Ottoro

Below: iRobot Roomba, LG RoboKing, Samsung Tango

But LG and Samsung entered the arena, and, with their large consumer client base, vast manufacturing and marketing resources, and an array of add-on features, has been selling their vacuums in Asia and Europe; not yet in the US. iRobot should feel their presence very soon.

Innvo Labs)Jetta Co. Ltd.

1. Xybotyx, a Colorado start-up, is launching a $US111 wheeled platform and app for your iPhone that lets you drive your phone wirelessly.
2. Swivl by Satarii, is a $US159 stationary platform for your iPhone camera or video. It swivels to follow you or can be remote controlled.
3. Romo by Romotive, is a $US99 tracter-like iPhone holder which can stream video to your PC and also dance to music on your iPhone.


From left to right: Windoro, Sphero, Ladybug, Mantarobot, Paro, Crawler

Windoro, from Ilshim Global, a window washing device.
Sphero, by Orbotix, a robotic ball controlled from your phone.
Ladybug, by JS-Robotics, a bug-like mobile device with collision avoidance sensors.
Mantaro telepresence robot, a mobile Skype platform using your own iPhone or iPad.
Paro, the therapeutic furry seal-like bot for hospitals and eldercare.
Crawler, by Topy Industries, an experimental tractor-like base for search and rescue.

Makerbot Essential DynamicsCubify

This is a guest post by Frank Robe of The Robot