Ring Presenter Gives You Unlimited Powers (Over PowerPoint)

You won't be saving the world with Genius' new Ring Presenter, a sleeker, upgraded version of their Ring Mouse. But with a built-in laser and added PowerPoint functionality, you just might come to the rescue at your next corporate meeting.

Designed to keep your hands (mostly) free while still giving you complete control of a remote PC, the Ring Presenter uses a touch sensitive cursor pad surrounded by four buttons for progressing through a slide show or controlling a cursor. So when you're not in presentation mode, it functions as a miniature mouse complete with touch sensitive scrolling and right, middle, and left buttons.

An included 2.4 GHz dongle facilitates its wireless functionality, while a built-in rechargeable battery can be topped off through a miniUSB port. It's available now in seven different colours, though pricing details haven't been specified. But an educated guess puts it around $US50-$70. [Genius]

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