Perfectly Coloured Famous Photos Are So Much More Powerful Than Originals

I know many may disagree, but I think these coloured famous photos are much more powerful than the black and white originals. The perfect colouring takes away all the stylisation of the black and white and pushes the violence right into your eyes.

Unlike those old coloured classic movies coloured by Turner, which were horrible, these are perfectly executed. Digitally modified by Swedish artist Sanna Dullaway, the realism of the colour is truly outstanding. She made them to show her skills and sell her restoration and colorisation services on the web.

I like her non-violent examples too. The Kiss looks fresh and accurate, so do the portraits. There are a lot more examples on her pages. [Förr i Färg, DevianArt, Imgur via Petapixel]


    I agree - the work she's done to them makes them feel more relevant as if they actually came from our time, and not a long forgotten past. Reminds us that these events still continue to shape our current world.

    The coloring has been done very well but having said that, I prefer the original black and white images.

    For example, Abraham Lincoln looks like some homeless guy in colour where as in the black and white he looks dignified. And "The Kiss' doesn't have the same impact.

      I do agree that more often than not, the originals are more significant and have more impact than the originals. However restoring and colouring them for me connects you to these people and events. Seeing the 2 versions side by side is really interesting. I like it. Great link.

    The coloured versions are powerful, however I think they remove them from the past, not bring them into the now. Kind of disrespects the content because they didn't have colour film in most of them. Also, when the colour versions are seen on there own in the future they will lose there own identity!

    Incredibly colouring work - the portraits work better for me than the "action" shots though.

    I suppose that this is how our grandparents remember it. Sometimes it feels like colour was invented around the same time as colour film/television, but then I've grow up with colour film/television.

      When I was a little kid I used to think that the world was actually black and white at some point in the past.

        I've always thought that when you go to America that everything looks all blurry because of the NTSC to PAL conversion in my eyes

          And smells like television sets and books

    I'm not much for history, especially USA-centric history, can we get some captions for these photos.. some are obvious like Churchill and Lincoln but others I am just guessing and some again don't really need an explanation, like the sailor returning home or the one with the billboard of the white family with the line of black people etc

    Still some captions would be nice.

    When I read a Jane Austen novel, I imagine it in colour because the storytelling medium communicates colour, despite being 100+ years old. When I see a b/w photo, I imagine it in b/w.

    These colour "restorations" really help me visualise the scene the way the photographer saw it. Originals deserve respect, of course. But for impact, colour makes a big difference!

    meh, I'll wait for the 3D versions

    I wish there were more people like Albert Kahn

    How are the colours selected though? I mean the buddhist immolating himself, fire and robes = easy. Maybe the car too, because you could research available colour schemes and narrow it down, but the red pole/structure in the background looks out of place a bit (alyhough red is/was an extremely popular colour throughout SE Asia). the clothing on Abe and Churchill could be researched but the colour of clothing when there are multiple people in the background?? Or old buildings? The colour photos are good, but for me there seems to be just something not quite with the pictures.

    Giz Please update...
    Buddhist immolating himself???

    MUST of Missed the NSFW or kids to this article

    Also the photo of the guy getting shot (about to but I think he actualy does get shot) is even before the link.

      It's historic photos man. Take a look a text book and take a Valium.

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