Orangutans Could Use iPads To Skype Between Zoos

While arguments about the viability of the iPad as a creative tool have died down significantly over the past year, it's still amazing to see the different applications the tablet can be used for. Like as a potential interface for endangered orangutans to talk to each other over Skype from zoos all over the world.

According to the BBC, a Milwaukee zoo has been letting its orangutans play with the iPad since May last year, and while it's only been in a limited form - drawing through a fence - the zoo is planning on opening up the program to allow the primates to video chat with other orangutans at other zoos around the world.

Apparently the orange fur balls love to look at eachother, whether it be in person or on TV, so the ability to actively communicate with other animals around the world would be an enjoyable experiment for them. Other zoos are keen on the idea, but it seems everyone is waiting for the next iPad to be released before the program really takes off.


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