Mark Zuckerberg Comes Out Against SOPA

The drumbeat of heavy-hitting internet companies that have come out against SOPA and PIPA continues to pound. Facebook founder and amateur butcher Mark Zuckerberg just came out against the bill, with a post on Facebook.

Zuck notes that the company is against SOPA and PIPA in no uncertain terms. The post also links to Facebook's SOPA/PIPA position page, where it lays out its problems with the bills and offers ways to get involved. The position page has been up for some time, without much notice. But now that Zuckerberg is being vocal about it, expect to see both all up in your blue today.

It turns out it's kind of a popular post, too, garnering more than 57,000 likes in seven minutes. If anything, it's a little surprising that it took so long; if SOPA/PIPA were to pass, it would be a huge inconvenience -- and expense -- for Facebook to comply. So more like this, please, Facebook. And louder. [Mark Zuckerberg]


    I think a more effective way for Facebook to protest is to block the addition of any new content, such as photos or links (at least throw up a banner each time).

    Of course Zuckerberg would come out against it, he stands to lose a lot of money if it goes through. (I don't support SOPA)

    Alright Zuckerberg time to put your money where your mouth is and take Facebook offline for 24 hours to increase awareness. I bet people would pay attention then.

    Would like to say that i am happy that I for one messages Mark on Facebook and the next day this was release :')

    Take Facebook Down for 1 hour. With a SOPA Banner. Watch the internet go into uproar.

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