LogMeIn Launches Free iOS App For Remote Computing

LogMeIn Launches Free iOS App For Remote Computing

LogMeIn Ignition has always been a convenient way of accessing your files remotely from your iPhone or iPad, but it’s not exactly cheap, even when it’s on sale. That’s why we’re happy that LogMeIn has decided to launch a free iOS app, giving you remote access to your computers from iOS without the cost.

Of course, giving away all your goods for free is a rather poor business model, so it’s no surprise that there’s been an updated Pro version of the app as well, which offers HD media streaming and the ability to copy files between devices. The Pro version will cost $42 a year via in-app pricing.

If you’re an Ignition owning iPad user already, LogMeIn isn’t going to neglect you — the company has promised to leave the app in store and updated it to include the Pro features, so you won’t miss out.

The move makes the iOS apps slightly more in line with the company’s desktop solutions, which makes sense from a simplicity standpoint. And if you’re an Android user itching for some remote computing access, LogMeIn has promised a 2012 launch for the Google operating system.