Logitech Fold Up Keyboard Makes Typing On The iPad 2 Easy And Expensive

There's no such thing as touch typing on an iPad, which is why many power users opt for an external keyboard attachment to the Apple tablet. Logitech's fold up keyboard is one of the most practically designed ones we've seen, even if it does cost $180.

The Bluetooth keyboard attaches to the back of your iPad 2, without interfering with a smart cover and offering an extra level of protection. Open it up and the full-size keyboard swings out, creating a natural stand for your tablet and pairing with your iPad automatically. Closing the keyboard automatically switches it off, saving the USB-rechargeable batteries.

It's a great looking peripheral, but at 180 bucks you kind of expect it to have flashing lights and bells and whistles, don't you?




    It is probably worth mentioning that Logitech's RRP are always hilariously higher than actual street prices though. Eg - their other ipad kb RRP is $130, staticice show it going for as low as $68.

    I like the look of this fold out kb - will wait for reviews to hit.

    well, actually i saw this in Big W yesterday for 97$, not very cheap but not too expensive as $180 and it does look cool sliding out and clicking together.

    It's actually $125 in the Logitech shop: http://www.logitechshop.com.au/products/tablet-accessories/for-ipad

    Awesome Keyboard, it's all I take to uni lectures and tutes now. And it can be found cheaper, I got mine for $145 (Decent compared to the clam case alternative which are all $200+ to get to Australia), but LogitechShop Australia has it for $125 (http://www.logitechshop.com.au/logitech-fold-up-keyboard-for-ipad-2-free-delivery.html) and have had it as low as $99 in previous sales.

    If only there was some kind of - I don't know... "portable computer", if you will, that I could buy that would save me the trouble of buying an expensive tablet and an expensive fold out keyboard that I had to combine into a single, hinged unit. What am I talking about? It'd take some kind of twenty-first century Einstein to invent something like that!

      Exactly i made it in 2008 . i have right of the patent. it can be seperated as two part.

      http://blog.daum.net/mobileinnovation/4 (date: yy/mm/dd)

    Ergh, stuff that. http://www.touchfire.com/ is superior :3 hopefully, still waiting on mine to arrive.

    Or you could just buy the Transformer Prime :)

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