Kiwi Company Develops Tech To Stop Disabled Parking Abuse

If you park in a handicapped parking space without having a legitimate permit to do so, you're a douche. But you may just manage to avoid being caught, unless a patrolling parking inspector happens to be around. But that's all going to change when Kiwi company CPT starts selling its new sensor, which immediately contacts parking inspectors when a non-permitted cars park in disabled spots.

Reportedly costing about the same as the current handicapped parking permit system, the sensors would replace the current permit, and automatically be detected when the car enters the disabled parking space. If no electronic tag is detected in the car parked in the spot, the system will notify traffic inspectors, who will come running to give you a ticket.

It sounds like a fairly simple technological solution to a fairly frustrating problem, although undoubtedly those who do take parking spots from less able people will cry that it's little more than a money grabbing scheme. Gizmag reports that the program hasn't been picked up by any clients yet, but is ready to go and could be in place as early this year.


Image: Wikimedia Commons

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