iViolin Speakers: Add A Stradivarius To Your Home Theatre

A Chinese violin maker has realised that the resonating chamber that gives the violin its full rich sound could also double as a stylish speaker. So they stuck a driver inside one of their stringed instruments, and dubbed it the iViolin.

While it loses points for its uninspired name, the iViolin would certainly be a unique addition to a home audio setup. Whenever someone asks you if you know how to play it, you can enthusiastically answer yes!, and then press play on your iPod.

The company is also throwing around the idea of releasing larger instruments as speakers, like a bass that serves as a woofer. But details about when the iViolin will be available are limited to sometime in the spring, with pricing still to be determined. It's a safe bet it won't be outrageous, though, since I doubt they're hacking up priceless instruments just to make a novelty speaker. [Hua Xing String Instruments via Gizmag]

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