Iran Tests Long-Range Missiles Over Strait Of Hormuz, Creates First Nuclear Fuel Rod

Iran has successfully tested two long-range missiles over the Strait of Hormuz, a key strategic point for oil commerce, in response to Obama's December 31 sanctions against Iran's central bank. What's worse: Iran claims they have created their first nuclear fuel rod.

For sure, those Iranians know how to start the year with a bang.

What missiles did they test?

Talking on Iranian state television, the Deputy Navy Commander Mahmoud Mousavi declared that they have successfully tested Qader and Nour.

Qader — Iranian for "Able" — is a long-range missile that can strike targets within a 200 kilometers (124 miles) radius from the point of launch, flying at low altitude. Apparently is highly destructive and it's capable of killing warships and inflicting great damage to United States Navy bases in the Persian Gulf region.

It is fully designed and built by the Iranian military. The missile was presented for the first time last August.

Nour — Iranian for "Light" — is a long-range anti-ship missile also manufactured by Iran following the design of the Chinese C-802. It's also capable of reaching targets 200 kilometers away (124 miles).

Where did it happen?

The launches were part of a ten-day naval wargame designed to show Iran's capacity to shut down the Strait of Hormuz. 40 per cent of the world's oil passes through this strait on its way out of the Persian Gulf. Whoever controls this pass, would be able to inflict great damage to the world's economy.

Why did they do it

The tests and naval maneuvers are a warning for the West not to sanction the country's oil exports. Following Obama's decision to ban imports of Iranian oil, the European Union is also considering a ban. The bans are designed to put pressure on Ahmadinejad and his cronies to stop their nuclear weapons program. They follow multiple sanctions by the United Nations' Security Council.

What's happening with Iran's nuclear program?

The bans and sanctions are not stopping their nuclear program. Iran claims that they have just produced their very first nuclear fuel rod. Like with the rest of their nuclear program, they say it's for "peaceful" research. This rod is now in use at the Tehran's atomic research reactor. The Iranian atomic energy agency says that this reactor is for "medical use."

Good luck in 2012, everyone. [Indian Defence, The Star, Bloomberg, El Mundo]



    'Iranian for "Able"'
    'Iranian for "Light"'

    Are you quite serious?

      had a good chuckle

    ... and 2012 as the end gets a little closer. Strangely I'm not worried aout Iran but rather that America along with others from the West are doing there best to move things from Afghan and Iraq (now they have a stronghold) over to Iran. Keep ya eyes and ears ready for a fear mongering propaganda machine to raise support for an Iran invasion that will be un-justified and illegal.

      Yup, that's what I'm more worried about.
      People tend to have this childish idea that Iran makes angry noises and develops dangerous weapons because they're insane and want to invade and destroy everyone, starting with Israel, -which would be impossible for them to actually do even if they wanted to.
      The reality is that they're isolated and extremely scared of invasion FROM the west, so all the noises, war games etc are all designed to scare off attackers.

      Mahmoud isn't a nice guy and the regime there is pretty problematic, but on the world stage, strategically Iran isn't actually the bad guys in that situation; they're the tiny little underdog menaced by the big bad extremely greedy western powers; us.

        Yeah, i find i have to agree. Everybody screams bloody murder about them maybe being able to make 3-5 weapons in the next few years, yet nobody says boo about the 300+ nuclear warheads just over west. Still, Israel never promises to wipe a country off the map in public, something which Iran is well known for. Kind of wish the Manhattan project scientists hadn't let that particular genie out of its bottle...

    I just read that since the start of the Iraqi war, 160,000 people have been killed with 80% of those being civilians.
    We all know the real reason Iraq was invaded in the first place and now left in ruins...
    I would build nuclear weapons as well if It would help guarantee my country is protected by resource grabbing marauders....

      oh yes the reason was that Sadam producing the weapon of mass destruction!
      But they cannot it find the weapon/prove till right now :) Of course it is all about oil!

    Hey Iran is not proved yet that they are creating a Nuclear weapon. North Korea has clearly declared that they have a nuclear weapon. Why the US does not "complaining" about the North Korea? Oil is the answer. And finally, in the history US had use the weapon of mass destruction/atomic bomb to destroy Japan and now they acting like they are the right one? Give me a break

      Just before you jump on the US bashing wagon 1. N.Korea only claims to have nuclear warhead most credible reports label this as tough talk nothing else 2. Even if they did have one they don't have any way of launching it, as every missile test they've done the second stage boosters have failed. 3. Your last sentance doesn't make any sense.

        1. helloo, they tested in 2006 and 2009, even US, Russia and Japan detected the earthquake 2. True,they have not successfully make long range missile, however their current missile can reach s.korea and japan. Do you think Iran has long range missile that can reach the state? i dont think so.3. The state used atomic bomb to struck Hiroshima and Nagasaki and killed >200.000 people. We should worry more for the US, the only country that ever used atomic bomb in a war.

        hey if not for america you'd probably be speaking german or japanese now and you won't be typing in your shiny mac or ipad or pc, get over your anti-america shit, you can't do anything anyway

          By bombing innocent people?
          It is not about Americans and their products, it is about their foreign Policy.

    The bans and sanctions are not stopping their nuclear program. Iran claims that they have just produced their very first nuclear fuel rod. Like with the rest of their nuclear program, they say it’s for “peaceful” research. This rod is now in use at the Tehran’s atomic research reactor. The Iranian atomic energy agency says that this reactor is for “medical use.”

    yeah "medical use"... BOMB THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Really? you are clearly have no idea what you are talking about.

        This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    Sooo North Korea and Iran are going to be interesting over the next few months.

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